Jean-Claude Berthier

Ever since we started hosting we have been investigating and using at least 5-7 different channel manager systems, none were as good as BookingFWIsync. Software is super easy to use, the display is fast, features are useful, some were actually tailor made for me. Also, they are super responsive and answer almost any question within […]

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Masum Billah

We were among the first clients of BookingFWIsync and to this very day we could not be happier with the service! The PMS has all the functionalities we need and the BookingFWIsync team has been very quick in responding to any inquiries we’ve had throughout the months. Top notch product with outstanding customer support. Highly […]

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Roger Lutz

We are managing 25+ short let properties properties & must say that the BookingFWIsync product it’s really standing out from the other comparisons, they are constantly keeping flow of new meaningful for a management company features. Because of the volume of properties we manage we have been located account manger and any assistance we need […]

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